Why here, why now?

The craft brewery market, especially the North Carolina market, is growing exponentially but still has abundant room for unique, high quality breweries. This is why we decided to enter this business. There are so many great beers coming from our industry, but we offer beers made with “out of the box” thinking using only the highest quality ingredients.

With our mix of product and branding, we strive to make beer and labels that are artistic, intellectually witty and appeal to both genders. When a couple comes to a bar, our beers will appeal to both of them. We don’t want him to get a beer and her, a glass of wine. Our beer flavors, labeling and marketing will make us the perfect solution for a craft beer drinker (or non-craft beer drinker) that wants great beer and a company they can stand behind.

Creativity, excellent product offerings and a socially conscious business model, with emphasis on local ideas, products, and labor and giving back to our community, give us a product and a brand that fits into the lifestyle of young professionals and localvores who are not content with their parents “lawnmower” beer. The northeastern corner of North Carolina is home to far fewer breweries that anywhere else in the state, allowing breweries in the Rocky Mount area a front row seat to the inevitable expansion east and northeast.

As Rocky Mount, NC’s first brewery we are in the position to set the bar for other breweries that are sure to come to our community. Geographically positioned at the crossroads of our state where NC Highway 64 and Interstate 95 cross, we are at the doorstep of our entire region from a distribution standpoint.