Matthew P. Sperati

My name is Matt. I am a co-founder of Koi Pond Brewing Company. Here at KPBC I am the Consigliere and Taste Master General. I grew up in Morganton, North Carolina and went to school at UNC-Chapel Hill and NCCU School of Law. As you just likely guessed, I am a lawyer. I have a wife, Deborah Sperati. She is also a co-founder and a lawyer. We have an awesome brew dog named Amos. Amos loves beer, but he also loves being outside, treats and love.

When I’m not lawyering, I love to watch all things Tar Heels, drink good beer (and wine), eat good food, participate in mud runs, read a good book, go to the beach and travel around the world. I’m a first degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do but I have never used said skill as I am also very laid back.

I don’t like the sound of squeaky Styrofoam or watermelon but otherwise I like just about everything else.

I am a freak about perfection, integrity, honesty and quality. I think you will see that in our beers.

As far as beer, I like IPAs the best, but also a good stout, but really I just like drinking good beer with good friends.