Eric V. Ghiloni

I’m Eric. I “founded” this thing that we call Koi Pond Brewing Company. I’m the brewer, which means I make a really big mess, then clean it up…wash, rinse, repeat. I went to school at East Carolina University, studying a little bit of everything before settling on a degree in Business with a concentration in Marketing. I’m married to Mary, the other Ghiloni at Koi Pond. We have 4 sons and a brew dog named Barley. Barley injects herself into most EVERY aspect of the brewing process and requires lots of attention and love, not unlike our beers.

I’m a musician and I enjoy building guitars. I run marathons very slowly, as to get the most out of my registration fees. I like to draw, paint, and “create”.

As far as beer, my tastes change regularly. Whether it’s an IPA or a Saison, I look for balance and interesting flavors. My favorite beers have always been ones shared with friends.